This is Avoca

Avoca is a great company that is dedicated to design, originality and quality. They are a family run and they pride them selves in being a little bit different, to being colourful and creative. They don't like to follow the flock so naturally their design studio is full of the quirkiest staff and lovely sideward thinking people.

Avoca began in 1723 as a hand weaving mill, making it Irelands oldest business. They still weave on the original site but today they offer a plentura of idea's from scents and socks to ceramics and candles, from slippers and spool scarves to rain macs and wellies and lets not forget their signature original blankets and scarves.

We are so excited to be repersenting Avoca in the showroom and can harly wait to order our personals for this season. We are in love!

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