DIY: Celine Inspired Clutch

 American Apparel pouch + acrylic paint. Its that easy.
Step one: All you need is a leather pouch, acrylic paint in white and the color bright color of your choice, paint brush, painters tape, blow dryer & acrylic coating spray (shown later) and good tunes to listen to.
Step two: Mark off the area you want to paint with painters tape. If you are a real perfectionist you can measure it out to make sure it is even on both sides or trust your insticts and eye ball it like I did.
Step three: Mix white acrylic paint with a bit of water for first layer to help it adhere to the leather. Start brushing onto leather from tape down to avoid too much leakage under the tape. (As tedious as you can be I'm sorry to say this still happens.)
Step four: After the white dries, bring out the neon guns and do the same without water added. The white acts as a primer so that your color will pop bright against the muted leather. I used a blow dryer during this process because I couldn't take the waiting in between layers to paint. Works miraculously to get an even coat.
Step five: When you're finally satisfied with the painted color cover the non painted leather with paper or cover with a magazine of some sort. Last minute I didn't like the feeling of the rough paint so ran to the craft store for glossy acrylic spray coat. This helps protect the paint from water and wear while also giving it a soft smooth finish like the leather!

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Introducing: Bow

I haven't been this excited about posting something like this in a very long time. One of my favorite shops in Guelph has just introduced it's latest addition BOW. She has transformed an ordinary trailer into a Blush worthy shop on wheels. This is such an amazing idea ... think of all the amazing girls nights and shopping events. Contact Michele at blushshop@gmail.com if you are interested in having BOW come to a neighborhood near you.


Happy (royal wedding) Monday!

Hope everyone had a great Easter long weekend. This week will be spent watching endless royal wedding specials and it will all culminate on Friday morning when an estimated two billion viewers will tune in to watch the event of our lifetime, William and Kate's royal nuptials.


Favorite Spring 11' Finds

1. This Brave bucket bag is the perfect way to update any spring wardrobe.
2. YSL ring, enough said!
3. This mixed metal Biko necklace is perfect paired with a simple white tee and distressed jean jacket.
4. Ever since we picked up this line of Yosi Samara flats in showroom I have been obsessed. The flats have been featured in just about every magazine and featured on Oprah's favorite things. Woahh!!

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How to: Wear a Hat

A hat is one of the strongest accessories statements you can make. It can make any outfit look complete.
According to milliner Stephen Jones, women often rush into buying a hat, giving the purchase less thought than the rest of their outfit.
Selecting the right hat takes time yet most women spend very little time choosing the best one for them. There are a number of things to take into consideration, such as your figure, the shape of your face, and the style of the outfit itself.

Some other tips:
Short figures need to keep hats delicate rather than overly large to avoid a mushroom effect. A hat with a tall crown will also give the illusion of extra height. A lighter color will have the effect of making you look taller.

Full figured women can go for wider brims to balance out their silhouette.

Be careful not to let other accessories compete. If wearing a large hat it is best not to wear big earrings.

Enjoy the process of trying on different styles & shapes to find just the right hat for you!  As your confidence grows, experiment with even more shapes.

Take a look at some styling inspiration below:
Option One - Minimal and Chic

Option Two - Casual 

Option Three - Weekend Getaway 

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Mid Week Round Up ...

The countdown is on at Dealuxe
Love these spring neutrals at Eat.Live.Shop
Check out this amazing new site brought to you by Jay Z ... it's pretty amazing
This perfect laid back look brought to you by Karla's Closet 
How to wear a maxi skirt brought to you by Refinery29 


Happy Monday!

I thought these we some great resolutions for a Monday morning. 
Wishing everyone a great week. 

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