Currently loving: Striped backpacks!

How amazing are these backpacks from Poketo. 
Check them out here

Fashion Insider: topman and topshop summer takeover

The wait is finally over for all the topshop lovers. The The Bay has revealed that Yorkdale mall will be the first location to house topman and topshop. The Yorkdale shop in shop is scheduled to launch in september of 2011. For those of you (who are like me) who need there topshop fix sooner here are some events that will preview the collection sooner:

  • Topshop Capsule in The Bay Queen Street,Yonge and Queen Street, 3rd FloorOpening Thursday, June 30, 2011  Curated by Tommy Ton, Toronto’s own internationally acclaimed street style photographer and fashion blogger, the Topshop Capsule features a specially selected collection of Tommy’s favourite Topshop pieces.  The Capsule will be in The Bay Queen Street throughout summer to get Torontonians ready for the Yorkdale launch.
  • “Farewell to Summer” Topshop and Topman  Pop-ups in MuskokaJuly 30 to August 1, 2011This will be the last chance to shop Topshop and Topman before the Yorkdale store opening, so get your hands on it before anyone else.
    Hours:  Store hours to be provided at a later date  
Check out details at Facebook.com/TopshopCanada and Facebook.com/TopmanCanada as well as on Twitter @Topshop_Canada #TopShopCA and @TopmanCA #TopManCA.  Watch the sites for news on the hottest trends out of the UK as well as details on Canadian events and exclusive contests. 


    Trend Alert: S/S 2011: Lace short

    Check out this amazing DIY project brought to you by none other than the Honestly WTF girls.

    Style Spotlight: Joanna Hillman

    Senior Fashion Market Editor, Harper's Bazaar. NY, New York

    Images: Harper's Bazaar (above) The Coveteur (below)


    Why don't you ... Bike ride

    I must admit that one of the things I miss most about living in Milan was bike riding to and from work. It's no surprise that so many have turned there attention to the bike world. The fashion world has also become cycle obsessed. Take a look at the WHOWHATWEAR feature, obsession du jour. 

    Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist has caught the bike bug dedicating an entire section of his famous blog to biker fashion. 

    For those of you who don't have a bike but still have that need for cycling speed Toronto has launched a bike rental program. Check it out here at BIXI Toronto.

    Love this... The benefits of riding a bike 

    Look of the day!


    Summer Essentials (Part 2)

    How perfect are these summer outfits for a hot day like today ;)

    Happy Monday

    Happy Monday morning! 
    I admit I have a little absent on the entire blogging front recently. So much has been going on with me that unfortunately my blog has taken a bit of a hit. For the past couple of months I have been working on launching my own website (while still working full time at the agency) and this has been really taking up much of my time. I can't wait to share the finished product with you all at the beginning of September.  In addition I have been working on a few great styling projects that I can't wait to share with everyone. Stay tuned for some great things ahead (and a small blog re-vamp.) Wishing everyone a great week. 


    Shinny new toy

    So finally after what seems like forever my shinny new iPad arrived in the mail. I am now looking to wrap my baby up in a case that is both secure and fashionable. Take a look at a few of my top contenders. On a side note my new favorite application is interview magazine, I can't even begin to tell you how many hours have already been spent catching up on all the magazines back issues!!


    Fashion Insider: H&M X Versace

    Some epic news to cure any Tuesday morning blues. H&M has just announced that the next designer  will be with the legendary house of Versace. Designed by none other than Donatella Versace, the collection will channel the legacy and heritage of the Italian luxury brand by incorporating signature elements such as leather, prints and color. The collection will debut on November, 17th, 2011. 




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