Look of the day

The track pants plus the fur plus the glasses ... so amazing.


My (milano) weekend

Spending my weekend in Milano; watching SATC2, sleeping in, fixing bike, going to the local market to do some shopping, laying out in the sun (I hope) and dinner with some friends. Also going back home to visit some family in southern Italy for the week. 

Source: loft in soho


Look of the day

Getting Carried Away

We can hardly wait for the release of the SATC2 movie (I am even going to watch it in Milano - which means italian version, eekk.) Instyle has put together a list of some of Carrie's most iconic looks. To celebrate I have chosen a few of my favorite looks.

That belt - enough said
The Westwood wedding (my personal favorite)
The date with the Russian dress
The Carrie necklace
The "engagement" ring necklace
The exposed bra

Take a look at the closet for the SATC2 movie.


Under cover

A must have look for summer 2010.


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