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January: Favorite Things

 (Bold Eyewear)
 (A Hit of Leopard)
 (Floor Sweeping Skirts)
 (A Little Fur)
(Peek a Boo Denim)


Look of the day!

Happy Monday ... nothing like some vintage Carrie to start your week. 
So inspiring. 

Making a Statment

Spring 2011 is all about making a statement and what better way than with these stunning necklaces from DANNIJO - I can't even decide I want them all. DANNIJO is available at Holt Renfrew. 

Happy Monday!


Happy Friday!

Hellooo... how amazing are these bathroom antlers and exposed brick. 
Absolutely amazing. 


. . . .

Is love really enough?
What will be my happiest day?
At what point will I truly be happy?
Why is is so hard to just have faith?
Why do I pay 25$ for a manicure that only looks good for 48hrs?
Why is it so hard to live in the moment and appreciate what we have?
Why do we chase happiness when we should really be searching within?
When can I finally be my own boss – and what will my staff think of me?
Is the idea of something always better than the reality of that something?
What will people say about me when I’m gone? How will I be remembered?
Will a million dollars be enough? Or maybe 10 million has a better ring to it?
How do you tell someone that they are making the biggest mistake of their life?
What’s more important a family or success in my career? Can you ever have both?
Why are we constantly trying to improve ourselves and evolve, will it ever be enough?


How to: Decorate like a NYC Socialite

“If there’s one thing you can say about my apartment it's that it’s constantly evolving, constantly changing,” says Santo Domingo of the Flatiron loft she shares with her husband, AndrĂ©s Santo Domingo. “I think that is the mark of a good apartment; you can never really be done—It’s like a proper wardrobe. At my house, it might be a small tweak, but you’re never going to see the same thing twice.”


Look of the day!


Current Obsession: One-Piece Swimwear

I'm currently lusting over these one piece Anthropologie swimsuits. I love these vintage inspired looks paired with her side swept chignon - its perfection. Can't wait for the season to wind down so we can all hit up the beach.


Happy (Golden Globes) Weekend!

Wishing everyone an amazing weekend. Here we are all snowed in today but looking forward to having a Golden Globe party at our house this weekend. I just watched best picture contender The Fighter last night and LOVED it. I'm torn between Fighter and Black Swan as my pick for best picture, thoughts?? 


Home tour: Inside the home of designer Natalie Wood

One of my favorite lines in the showroom is the Australian based collection called Something Else. I can't even tell you how many pieces from this collection I own and how amazing all of these pieces are. The collection is designed by the very lovely and talent Natalie Wood and these are some images of her apartment/ inspirational work space down under. Also, check out the something else collection here.

Images: The Selby


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