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Is love really enough?
What will be my happiest day?
At what point will I truly be happy?
Why is is so hard to just have faith?
Why do I pay 25$ for a manicure that only looks good for 48hrs?
Why is it so hard to live in the moment and appreciate what we have?
Why do we chase happiness when we should really be searching within?
When can I finally be my own boss – and what will my staff think of me?
Is the idea of something always better than the reality of that something?
What will people say about me when I’m gone? How will I be remembered?
Will a million dollars be enough? Or maybe 10 million has a better ring to it?
How do you tell someone that they are making the biggest mistake of their life?
What’s more important a family or success in my career? Can you ever have both?
Why are we constantly trying to improve ourselves and evolve, will it ever be enough?

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