How to: Wear a Hat

A hat is one of the strongest accessories statements you can make. It can make any outfit look complete.
According to milliner Stephen Jones, women often rush into buying a hat, giving the purchase less thought than the rest of their outfit.
Selecting the right hat takes time yet most women spend very little time choosing the best one for them. There are a number of things to take into consideration, such as your figure, the shape of your face, and the style of the outfit itself.

Some other tips:
Short figures need to keep hats delicate rather than overly large to avoid a mushroom effect. A hat with a tall crown will also give the illusion of extra height. A lighter color will have the effect of making you look taller.

Full figured women can go for wider brims to balance out their silhouette.

Be careful not to let other accessories compete. If wearing a large hat it is best not to wear big earrings.

Enjoy the process of trying on different styles & shapes to find just the right hat for you!  As your confidence grows, experiment with even more shapes.

Take a look at some styling inspiration below:
Option One - Minimal and Chic

Option Two - Casual 

Option Three - Weekend Getaway 

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