The Not So Beautiful Life

From executive producer Ashton Kutcher comes a fresh perspective on the modeling world. If you didn’t already know how cutthroat the industry is, The Beautiful Life will certainly remind you. The show unveils the mystery behind what it takes to be flawlessly glamorous and intensely competitive. Here’s what to look for in the pilot, airing Wednesday, September 16th at 9 PM: A Zac Posen fashion show and Mischa Barton’s return to the small screen as the industry’s queen bee whose reputation and career seems to be crumbling (doesn’t that sound familiar?). Not to mention, plenty of jealousy, rumors, and backstabbing. Other new faces include Corbin Bleu from High School Musicaland former model Elle Macpherson.

In a world that covets beauty and perfection as standard and attainable, no one is ever safe (cue Heidi Klum: “One minute you’re in and the next minute you’re out”). So how do models handle the pressure? Body, face, walk…check. But when you take off all of the fancy clothes, do they have the soul? Hold onto your stilettos because we are in for a serious catwalk.

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