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YAH! One of my absolute favorite blogs EAT.LIVE.SHOP has passed on this amazing award to me. So here is goes, 7 Things About Me...

7 things about me
1.I went to school for Sociology before I went to school for Fashion Merchandising. I originally wanted to be a teacher (yeah right!). 2. This past summer I learned to drive stick shift along the Italian countryside. 3. I have a tough exterior but I am a hopeless romantic at heart. 4. I may seem really smart and well informed but its only because I google the answers when your not looking. 5. I have a weird and twisted obsession with the TV show Glee and Eminem. 6. It is humanly impossible for me to return a library book on time. 7. My favorite designer of the moment is Alexander Wang. 

Now it's time to pass the award on to: 

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