How to: Make-up lessons with Maureen

Yesterday night we had the most amazing night with our dear friend and make-up artist Maureen.We had a great night full of food and make-up (two of my favorite things). We went through all of our bags and she tossed out all the dated pieces and things that didn't work on our skin tones. Even though I was a little reluctant to toss some of my favorite pieces I quickly realized what a difference the right product makes. It is easy to get in a make-up rut and it is essential that we do the audit at least once a year. Here are some other great pointers I picked up. 
I highly recommend that everyone sits down and clean up your kits!

1. Throw out everything that is over a year old - really it's no good anymore. 
2. It is really important to clean your brushes and shadows at least once a month.
3. Eyeshadow primer is essential (she recommends the MAC eyeshadow primer) it can completely lift any eyeshadow color you already own and will stay on for 8hrs. 

Photo Credits: Veronica Marziale

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