The cult items for winter 2010/11


The feathers are dyed unusual nuances and dance in a highly seductive dance. (Gucci)

Thigh boots

Thigh boots continue there extraordinary accent, ever more precious, seductive and aggressive. (Burberry)

Wild Prints

Leopard, zebra, tiger, reptile and everything else animal. (Roberto Cavalli)

Tricot Wool

Goodbye to smooth nets, this is the winter for most elaborate knitwear ever. 3D braids, iridescent or melange wools, ribs and high mountain jacquard effects. (Prada)

The Golden Girl Dress

Precious as an ingot, dazzling as a supernova, a golden dress is the sexiest most powerful thing to derail the canons of a palet dominated by grey and black. (Balmain)

The Shoulder Bag

Micro or ultra capacious, shoulder bags are the most sought after refuge ti everything, inseparable companion even for the evening gown. (Roberto Cavalli)

The essential colour pallet

Camel, rich purples, metallic, mixed olive, pale blue and reds

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